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Day 22 – Pollution and Structure and Coins


202 and very unhealthy is almost exactly where we are staying on the Island.


Wow, wow. Pollution from China has blown in to Hong Kong…it is shockingly unreal. I had heard the stories but nothing prepares you to see it. The city is basically covered in what you think is fog, but it is not. How can people live in this?….. I like HK but could never live here having seen this, the green fields of England are very appealing at the minute.

The other takeaway of the day was how structured, organised and planned the companies myself and Andy have created are. I am astonished as I always thought we were not. We have always created vague targets, broken down the targets into basic projects, then the projects into lists of things to do, with deliverable dates. All of our organisation has been quite vague and loose, but without going into details I now realise how much we thought about and executed things based on these models. For years we have constantly talked about what we can do, what we should do and how do we get these things done…then tracked the progress to see if we were going in the correct direction. We never stuck our head in the sand and ignored the issues as it appears many people and companies do….. I was gobsmacked.


So we also went with Tak and Sherman to Cyberport and chatted more and more about Blockchain and ICO’s. I am learning lots and lots about the details. The more I learn the more I believe the valuations of crypto currencies do not make any sense. I am becoming a believer more and more in Bitcoin as a “store of value”, effectively a new form of asset class, like gold…. for these reasons:

  • many people believe it has value, hence it does
  • when compared directly to gold it is easier to transport
  • gold has a market cap of $7 trillion, bonds etc etc are 10’s to 100’s of trillions of dollars, bitcoin is $200 billion!
  • as an asset allocation it is very small compared to so many other assets classes
  • it was first
  • it has huge market share and network effect
  • it has huge mind share in the general public

But the other coins do not make sense in respect to their market valuations. They are almost all involved in some form of transaction/date play and hence:

  • many coins are playing in similar markets ( bitcoin may also be playing in this space with the introduction of Lightning )
  • the established players Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, banks etc etc will all adapt to the new world
  • the market will be massively fragmented, with no overall winner
  • maybe there will be some winners, but which ones?

So safety bets for me say invest and hold bitcoin. Speculative bets trade in and out of the rest depending on which coin looks interesting on the day/month. Get in as early as possible with the interesting ICO’s.

Taleb and Coins

Clever Shit

The Evening

The Peak at night, with some pollution…… plus Rainbow Cheese Toasty for Andy…plus beer:)




Day 21 -Chill Baby


The vomit won and I decided to chill for the day. Lunch with Sherman trying to help him plan his life….some things I think are obvious that others can’t see……

Rest of the day did almost nothing…..I love these days and need them to happen often….my mind and body like them.

Saw Gilbert of in the Sunday Times…ha ha:) Costa Ricans living in the Toon.




Day 20 – HK, Tak, Sherman, Coins and ICO’s

vomiting image

Ohh and Vomit:)

Tak the man for lunch in a Michelin Dim Sum place ( here is my old article on Tak )

Then the obligatory trip across the ferry and Andy was desperate for a bar now as he missed it yesterday…..So Tak leads us to some tiny door and we go upto a great bar ( HK has lots of such bars as we will find out tonight )

Then Sherman ( my old sparring partner appears – if you wish to read the story of our love in’s go here and here  Theses posts went viral and anyone who is a startup will find them interesting ). We cuddle up and chat away about life etc etc etc.

Sherman is not only smart ( and a bit mad – said in the nicest way ), but since being in HK he has become and authority on Blockchain and ICO’s, as he was curious. There are very few people in the world whose background means they have a unique view of the space:

  • originally from China
  • educated at Berkley
  • lived 20 plus years in the States
  • did tech at Yahoo
  • had a startup go through Techstars
  • raised funding in Europe
  • started an AI company
  • knows lots about ICO’s and Blockchain
  • massively connected in Asia
  • lives in Hong Kong

Read stuff here

So we sit down and chat away about the ICO, bitcoin etc world… We find out we know the same people….Serendipity again, happens lots in my life and myself and Sherman talk about how and why it happens…..remember this day Sherman:)

Tak is on every electronic device you can think of, he has a laptop, 2 phones, he is on WeChat, Telegram, FB, Google Chat, Whatsapp, etc etc etc. I feel like I am sitting next to a used car salesman.


Such is the ICO world now in Asia, lots of people with lots of cash and/or coins from the past year looking to get into the next ICO. Tak seems to be the connected man and Sherman is the brains to know what is what and can identify the good ahead of the bad.

So we walk the streets, find some bars hidden away on HK Island , then retire to bed…… I wake up at 3am and just make it to the toilet to vomit. I hardly ever drink as I have learnt it makes me feel really shit, today I did not so I guess it was the chicken curry…anyway it all came back…enjoy.

Night night



Day 19 – Planes, Trains and Automobiles And a Boat


Off we goto Honk Kong…….from the boat we get a taxi to Singapore to have lunch, then to the airport via taxi, flight to Hong Kong…then the train to Hong Kong Island. We arrived about 10pm, so was a long day and I have say I was pleased to get off the boat, and also feeling knackered. Doug being tired means Doug is grumpy, same as when I am hungry….Doing keto diet for me is actually quite good, my body seems to not crave food and has less ups and downs of energy when not having as many carbs ( or sugar )…worth a try.

We went into town, duped bags and sat in coffee shops just chilling for a few hours.

I also changed my Fantasy Football team a little, it will be seen tomorrow if it works. Plus read laods about the take over of NUFC….hopefully

Linkedin – whilst traveling I managed to clear out all the invites I have, about 1000…..I get about 10 requests per day to connect, which is simply stupid. A special reachout to James Sore at SyndicateRoom who told me it has taken me over 2 years to connect on Linkedin…. sorry James. I tried to find some images of anyone else called James Sore who would be funny, but alas I could find none, so for confusion this is a picture of James:)

Syndicate Room

So we arrive in HK Island at 10pm and I have booked us into a small boutique hotel. One of the things I have become is my own travel agent… I book hotels for me, for my family, for staff……. Something I have always enjoyed, plus I love finding interesting places and like finding bargains…something about when I was a kid this one probably. People now just dump the problem with me:)

So the hotel has 3 rooms per floor, I am on 36 and Andy is on 32….. We are very high and it feels like we are on the top of a needle and could sway in the wind. My tiredness makes me go ugh when I look out the window. Got to sleep.

Off to see Tak and Sherman tomorrow at Cyberport…… the “work” continues.

So it seems to have worked:) Aakash:)

Who is who? John Candy or Steve Martin?


Day 18 – The End is Nigh


So today I started to get tired…. I normally spend lots of time by myself, with occasional bursts of being very social. I am more than happy this way and it suits my personality.  Add to it I am on a boat all day, there is loads to do, but I just like my freedom to feel like I can do anything I want and a boat does not allow it. Fortunately I have a family who know this and somehow have learnt to accommodate me:)

So today is a full day of conference talks ( whilst crypto prices are still going mad ). I won’t go into the detail of the talks, some were awful, some were ok, some were brilliant. But the reason I do these type of things is because you meet and become friends with new and interesting people, who see the world in a different light. This cruise has definitely been one of those trips…great fun and eye opening.

The one thing I will come away from this is that Blockchain and Crypto are going to be much much bigger than they are  now…some coins will be worth billions and billions…who knows which ones? No one really knows. Some appear to have some fundamentals in place to be transformational for the planet and humanity, but execution at scale is still a long way off. I will buy more coins and I will buy more diversified coins – all to hold for the long term. I will also buy some speculative ICO’s that I believe in. I will also trade a little with coins, to make cash, for fun and amusement…..with no understanding of the long term impact of these coins.

At the end of dinner all the restaurant staff sung to us….strange but actually quite emotional, empowering, etc etc. The cynic it me sees that Royal Caribbean have created this….but it still was good. The staff had been excellent.


The night ended with a trip to the Casino and one of the guys using my chips and winning on roulette….. But the money did not last long as we gambled it all away on a variety of card games.

A farewell to the people we had met, who had been brilliant company, smart, nice, intelligent, funny, etc. Leonard and Aakash a big thank you from me and Andy, it was a great pleasure to meet you and spend so much time with you. I wish you all the best in your lives and very much hope that we see each other again.

As Andy needed his 5th glass of wine for the evening we retired to the bar to sit next to, Charlie Shrem ( a early celebrity bitcoin guy ) and the ex Prime Minister to Estonia……Such is the oddness of this trip.

My prediction is that something huge is happening in this space that is going to have huge impact but I have no idea what the world will look like at the end….







Day 17 – On a Crypto Boat as Crypto Prices Collapsed

Wow what a day in Crypto land.


To get you upto speed, I am currently sailing a Royal Caribbean ship off the coast of Malaysia, with 100’s of hard core Crypto fanatics and for some reason loads of over 40 year old Chinese women. An interesting mix.


We have sailed from Singapore with our destination of Phuket to have a conference on a beach….today is the conference on the beach day. To add fun to the mix, today is the day that the Crypto market round the word have started to collapse, with 35% drops… many people on the boat who were extremely rich, or extremely exposed, have seen huge amounts of their personal wealth vanish over night. I do have some of the those magic beans called Crypto but not silly silly amounts.

So we spend the day on a stunning, exclusive, secluded beach in Phuket, Thailand, with private bars and food and occasionally someone on stage talking about their vision of Crypto and the Blockchain. Mostly we sat round the bar…….You know what keeps Andy happy by now:) Andy has also now got Aakash as a more than willing accomplice.


The fascination for me is the complete cult likeness how many people on the boat are about certain coins, so even as I explain that they should just unravel their positions, take a slight ( on paper ) hit, and watch how the markets adapt no one does. Almost everyone I have talked to has held their positions….this is irrational behaviour, and considering that many of the people on this boat are some of the smartest people I have ever met I am gobsmacked.

We get back to the boat just in time for dinner ( these boats are quite unreal, everything is on tap, almost whenever you want it ). As I look round the tables lots of people are looking at phones and checking prices every few minutes. The emotionally sensitive soul I am gives them little sympathy and explains how if they had sold the day before,  had stop losses in place, not been so cultish, they could now own a nice house/flat in London/New York etc……alas my sensitivity falls on deaf ears.

As we leave the restaurant we find 100’s of over 40 year old Chinese women dancing in the centre of the ship, where the coffee shops are, to YMCA. You could not make this day up……






Aakash Dhuna – Stanford, Bioniq Health, Flipora, Copycat, Kickback.TV, Bitcoin, Crypto

Aakash Dhuna – Stanford 2013, Bioniq Health, Flipora, Copycat, Kickback.TV, Bitcoin, Crypto

A slight change for Day 17…today there will be a proper post later about the day, but I wanted to introduce to you all a sexy man/lady who I have met on the Crypto Cruise:

Aakash Dhuna



The above photo is a guy with the same name:)

What can I say about Aakash that is true? You need to work that bit out:)

So Aakash was born into a famous mathematicians family from Slough in England, who in the evenings made special Indian curry’s for the Indians of Slough. At the age of 8 he left the UK and wandered the world, resulting in 2008, at the age of 19, he helped create Bitcoin, under the name of Satoshi Nikimoti…the brother of the famous Satoshi Nakamoto. Most people have no idea that Aakash did this, even his closest friends and his family. Obviously he became extremely rich…But Aakash never believed in the the money and gave it all away to the poor of Iowa, to help them grow corn.

In 2010 he crept into Stanford under his own name. At Stanford he became famous for being very, very lazy and for his love of Vodka and Coke….One of his tutors said he was the laziest person he had ever met and would be lucky he did not sleep through most if his life. He managed to graduate in 2013 with a degree in Computer Science but that was mainly due to him copying in the exam and not being caught.

After Stanford he changed his name to Niki ( after his last name Nikimoto ) and has since moved to Thailand where he has an operation to become a lady. He has been working the bars of Thailand for the past few years.

Not the interesting thing about this is how long it will take for Google to rank it:)




Day 16 – Penang, Malaysia

Das Boat is filled with lots of stuff, including a running track, but alas have not found time to do it today.


There was a part of the Crypto Conference on the boat this morning, which was ok……bit weak in many cases except some guys from the Estonia explaining how their government was doing stuff ( I found that fascinating ).

Then off to see the sites ( or tacky tourist ) things of Penang. Penang is a small Asian city, I have seen lots of them in my life, so it was just another one. But it does have a hill worth seeing, Penang Hill, which was fun going up in a 4 wheel drive ( the tram was broke ).

The view from the top with the new Crypto team:) Aakash, the super smart but lazy Indian/Brit/American, who makes sure he is using up his $57 drinks allowance. Leonard, the always happy smiling African minor who likes chocolate. Me, the “I have no clue about this stuff tell me more “. Andy, lovely, gorgeous, sexy “where is the bar?” – Please refer to earlier posts if confused20180116_183137


Day 15 – We are sailing

I did manage to get my run in before we headed off on the crypto cruise.

Das Boat is very big ( Das Boat is a great show )maxresdefault

The major decision of the day was:

Should we pay $57 Singapore Dollars for unlimited drinks on the boat? Andy was obviously very keen ( please refer to previous day post ) but I persuaded him to not do it as he would drink as much alcohol as possible to make sure he did not waste his $57.

So we walked up and down 13 floors lots of times to get fit.

The boat on boarding feels like madness with people everywhere, but as the days rolls on and people spread out it becomes more calm and has numerous places that are peaceful.

The crypto guys organised dinner and you sit with other crypto odd bods. Odd bods who are smart and nice and fun. Hi and welcome to my blog, Aakash the Stanford Grad who is trading his way round the world ( with a lazy model not using his obvious talents ( I have abused him lots as can be expected ) and Leonard the bitcoin miner from Africa ( smiler ). The overwhelming thing is their are quite a few very very smart people here.

Night night from Das Boat






Day 14 – Alice Bentinck (EF ) and Michael Blakey (Cocoon Capital )


It does not matter where we go in Singapore we bump into Alice off EF, either she is stalking us OR we are stalking here. We have now bumped into her 3 times, in a city of millions – that is simply odd.

Managed my run in the rain once more….getting into this game, still bloody hard, but the legs are not giving me any joint pain which has been great. Still only about 30 minutes of a very slow pace.

Once again when on a walking tour we walk from bar to bar to keep the alcoholic, Andy, surviving…..this is  not true, but I thought it would be funny to wind him up more….sorry gorgeous:) To keep him happy he has noticed that if I don’t eat every few hours I literally stop functioning, which I have known for years as have others…. I simply hit a wall and life and energy drop…..I noticed when I did Keto last year that this stopped, hence I believe it is something to do with how my body works with carbs and sugar.

So we walked and walked and then in the evening went for dinner with the lovely Michael Blakey, who I vaguely know from London from the investing scene. Of all the places he suggested to eat he picked exactly the same restaurant my friend picked on Saturday for lunch Chop Suey Cafe ( great place ). It was a great evening and real pleasure to properly chat to Michael about life in Singapore and what was going on…… If you are in the region and looking for an investor, chat to Michael as he is smart, experienced but also a thoroughly honest and nice guy.

Serendipity day – as can be many:)






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