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Your First Early Stage Investments Are Like Your First Girlfriend:(

Your First Early Stage Investments Are Like Your First Girlfriend:(

Many girls call you all the time and ask for your advice ( money they mean but masked up as advice ).



You then pick a girl and she becomes your special girlfriend, she calls you all the time and asks your advice, this genuinely is love on both sides.



After a while things are looking good and she needs to meet some more people to help you both grow….you agree and know it is for the best and how the world is. So you introduce her to your friends who have more advice ( and money ) than you. Eventually she becomes friends with some of those.



But she says you will always be the “special one”.



They start having parties and you are always invited.



Then it becomes apparent when they say they are too busy to meet.


Eventually they do not even take your calls and you think



And so it is over they have found a new investor.



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