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LinkyBrains – yoyoyo Day 2

LinkyBrains – yoyoyo Day 2 Personal emotional shit most of the day meant not a good day… ended better hopefully sorted it Wow this is hard to write tonight…. Lots of engagement during the day, soon we will have channels live on all social platforms. The big debate on the back channels is what really Read More

Linkybrains Diary of a Madman – Day 1

Linkybrains Diary of a Madman – Day 1 Of course I am not mad. In my head everything is simple and obvious, the world does not understand me. Others may see me as mad and in the past I even felt like I should have been locked up. Why was the world so hard and Read More


People who connect unrelated dots. they do not understand the world I wrote this in January and things started happening: Month1 is over – Life Jim but not as we know it This happened:     (CEO Andre Voisin ) – ICO Transparency Document (CEO Andre Voisin ) – ICO Transparency Document Thanks to Andre for providing this information so quickly. The only addition I have made is that the hard cap is $12 million. Company: ( for white paper etc please refer to their site )        How many years has this company been live? Incorporated September Read More

Making ICO’s Fair, no Flipping

  old investors, new investors in coins, founders and staff are unable to sell coins for atleast 3 years and only small amounts each year afterwards. staff’s rewards ( salaries etc ) have caps in place so as to not allow them to drain the bank accounts. if it is decided to close down the Read More

ICO’s, Crypto’s and my Concerns.

ICO’s, Crypto’s and my Concerns. My Background in Crypto Firstly let me say I am a massive believer in blockchain technology and the possible uses that could advance humanity. Having spent quite a bit of time in the crypto/ICO world over the past 6 months, in Berlin, Zug ( Crypto Valley ), Singapore, Hong Kong Read More


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