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Overview of Seedrs Performance

Overview of Seedrs Performance Seedrs produced lots of data for investors: The basic overview for lazy people is this: the more deals you invest in the closer you will get to being lucky and hitting the average the best performing type of business’s are hybrid digital/non digital the best performing sectors have been finance, Read More in HK with Tak:):) in HK with Tak:):) So this dodgy American Hong Kong guy drags me to HK. We were of no use but I did get some photo’s:) Sadly I was not clever enough to make theme the right way…and too lazy. I am sure would be able to do this easily.

More Yplans type companies please die soon

More Yplans type companies please die soon Create startup Raise money Spend money Die Can it please happen more, we can then have people build companies who are actually decent and not propped up by a non sustainable VC eco system. a rising tide floats all boats – you are probably a boat operating on Read More

VC’s are so clever?

VC’s are so clever? This follows from a rant I have had on twitter about Yplan and how someone may have been stupid and why I would want more data if I was to invest in the founders again ?? I have no data to prove they were stupid but I have the following data: Read More

Why You Should Go To Bali

Who could turn down a trip to Bali?! An idiot, that’s who! After spending a week exploring Ubud, travelling across over to Kuta and riding a moped across dirt tracks to see the majestic waterfall in Tegenungen, I am more than convinced Bali is a little piece of paradise. My trip started meeting my work Read More


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