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Ricardo Sequerra – Faber Ventures – VC

Ricardo Sequerra – Faber Ventures – VC I am simply laughing my cotton socks off knowing how the Portuguese guy will think when he sees this:):) Hi Sexy Man:) Ricardo used to make alcohol in his native Portugal but slowly as he aged he became an alcoholic and sadly had to leave Portugal before he Read More

Saul Klein – ex Index Ventures

Saul Klein – ex Index Ventures Is the Klein family the equivalent of the Paypal mafia??? Let that sink in????? I saw Saul speak at Web Summit in Dublin and I have to say he was good…most people I have watched have mostly been shit, they just trot out the same old dull crap. But Read More

Stefan Glaenzer – Passion Capital – VC

Stefan Glaenzer – Passion Capital – VC Ballet dancer gone mad. Stephan once was famed for dancing and being a Doctor. Dancing prancing Dr and German….I can only just imagine that as they do not seem to go toegther. After being a dancer and Dr, Stef baby turned himself into a DJ and rocked around Read More

Tim O’Shea – Angel Investor

Tim O’Shea – Angel Investor My long time matey wor Timmy as we call him, as he was born in Newcastle, but now drives a tractor in Norfolk. He spent his early life at a posh Uni and managed to stay in, then advanced his life to doing odd things in very odd countries…sounds like Read More

Wayne Gibbins – Notion Capital – VC

Wayne Gibbins – Notion Capital – VC Gibbo as he is commonly called used to work collecting stamps and is the son of a famous stamp collector called Stan…he is not a gibbon which many think. I personally do not think he looks anything like a monkey. Wayne  has a lovely house but the walls Read More

The Bakery has cheap desks in London

The Bakery has cheap desks in London Bald Alex has some desks free:):):) Room at The Bakery, just north of the Old Street. 230 City Road, London, EC1V 2TT Looking for more fun companies to come and work in our space to enhance our buzzy entrepreneurial culture. £250 per desk. Contact them quick:) Doug

Mobile is growing at a stupid pace

Mobile is growing at a stupid pace 42% growth per annum Denmark, Norway, Sweden, China, Spain have fastest growth rate India, Taiwan, Malaysia fastest growing emerging markets Amazon sold $16 billion worth of products in 2014 In 2018 half of world mobile spend will be in Asia   Doug Reference:

Is Amazon bad?

Is Amazon bad? So loads of amazon bashing going on but if we think amazon as a normal highly driven company other than a pure play internet company then are they really that bad? I spent times at numerous investment banks and know many people at large normal corporates. These people work stupid hours, fly Read More


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