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US Gun Laws Compared to Australian Gun Laws

US Gun Laws Compared to Australian Gun Laws Australia had 30 gun homicides in 2010, which amounted to 0.13 gun deaths for each 100,000 people. Australians hold 3-3.5 million guns, a rate of 15 guns for every 100 people. Australia is a rare nation that has had a significant shift toward additional gun control in recent Read More

Katie Leviten – Jamjar VC

Katie Leviten – Jamjar VC Katie levitates but not as well as David There is so little information about Katie that I am having to make up more rubbish than normal. But her middle name is Louise and she went to Oxord University and worked at the BBC You can’t even find a coat of Read More

Are VC funds aligned with Investors? Maybe not.

Are VC funds aligned with Investors? Maybe not. The ideal investment is where the VC firm, the Limited Partners who trust the VC firm with their money, and the founders of the company invested in are all aligned with the same incentives. But the model is broken as can be seen below. The standard game Read More

Tim Jackson – Angel Investor

Tim Jackson – Angel Investor When not singing Jacko can be seen wandering round the parks of West London. They seek him here they seek him there is all he sings.. The photo above shows Tim in his singing days with his brothers, Tim is the one on the far right. Obviously this photo is Read More

Martin Mignot – Index Ventures VC

Martin Mignot – Index Ventures VC Quite a pretty boy and with a name like that maybe French…or Belgium or maybe German or American. But in real like Martin is into scary stuff and that is why he studied at New Orleans, he is into that spooky stuff: I found an earlier picture of Martin Read More

Jon Coker – MMC VC

Jon Coker – MMC VC ( Venture Capital ) I got a brand new combine harvester – come sing in Jon. I am sure you know all the words,we know where that family name comes from….just count how many toes you have and you will remember:) Is that you singing Jon…sure does look like you, Read More

Jeroen Seghers – Angel Investor

Jeroen Seghers – Angel Investor That sounds like he is Dutch and we will now say he is Dutch – maybe he maybe he is not…make sure to check:) Anyway Jeroen is well know for loving tulips as all Dutch people do. Jeroen bought himself tulip fields recently so as to feel at home, here Read More


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