Doug Scott, loud mouth Geordie entrepreneur living in the Midlands. raises cash raises cash Well done, Jamie, Adam and Chris:):) Also well done to Gil Dibner who used his Angellist syndicate to back them, with the guys from Frontline Ventures and some other US VC’s who I don’t know:) Nicely nicely done too especially to Ignite who backed them very early in Newcastle almost 4 Read More

An Ode For the Day

Oh You Pretty Thing Remember when we were All The Young Dudes We lived in Suffragette City, you were an Absolute Beginner You were The Man Who Sold The World But It’s been over Five Years now since we were Heroes, But with all those Changes Where Are We Now? What happened to those Golden Read More

A Buffet Quote that Works in Venture

A Buffet Quote that Works in Venture … If significant risk exists in a single transaction, overall risk should be reduced by making that purchase one of many mutually-independent commitments. Thus, you may consciously purchase a risky investment — one that indeed has a significant possibility of causing loss or injury — if you believe that your gain, weighted Read More


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