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Linkybrains – Chilled and last day – Day 30

Linkybrains – Chilled – Day 30 My advice to anyone is write how you feel for 30 days and be honest, no need to make it public…you will be astonished what you realise. My bots are running at plodding speeds now, the AI bots on the social networks won’t stop them. They are slow but Read More

Linkybrains – tum te tum – Day 29

Linkybrains – tum te tum – Day 29 At Day 30 I will stop these blogs as I have described the journey to anyone who follows this path. Now I know where I am. This is now about bit by bit making the process better. We have hit something but it is not hard to Read More

Linkybrains – When Doug is Bored – Day 25

Linkybrains – When Doug is Bored – Day 25 8km distance, 688metres – right knee slight pain. Not bad though as rental bike and not setup in detail. I assumed everyone has seen these but obviously not:) This is how you get known in the angel/vc community:) In no particular order: Eileen Burbidge – The Read More

Linkybrains – Ebley Street – Day 24

Linkybrains – Ebley Street – Day 24 600m up, 16km long – felt harder, but I was better….it got cold after 500m Linkybrains fun, we announced events in London and decided there would be no organisers turn up. I thought it would be funny to experiment to see could we growth hack real coffee events:):):):) Read More

Linkybrains – Tools – Day 23

Linkybrains – Tools – Day 23 Many people have asked what tools I use. These are some that myself and friends have used. Many people have asked why do I use them, my reply is simple:) Why do they do their garden with a spade rather than their hands? We have tools to make our Read More

Linkybrains – Messing – Day 21a

Linkybrains – Messing – Day 21a Over 1000’s of years when we operated in tribes everyone found a place and job in the tribe, everyone felt valued. Children when born love to mess and play and be silly and affectionate, but then they are taught do not do things that would upset the apple cart Read More


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