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Go big or go home – utter crp you are not good enough

Go big or go home – utter crp you are not good enough and you already know it

Accept it and live with it, you are not good enough to build Uber, Google, etc etc.


Stop messing about with that shitty startup of yours trying to build the best greatest thing since sliced bread….you are simply not talented enough to do it.

Techcrunch has created loads of utter idiot people who are going to raise money and build something huge. Reality is you are not. The idea you have is great but the missing piece of the jigsaw to greatness is you…live with it baby.

I hear it all day and always ask founders why do you want to be huge? Why? Why? Why? Very few can even give me a vague answer that is not bollocks.

Just consider this:

  • some people love jobs and are brilliant at them and benefit society massively
  • some people create nice, good companies that tick along and allow them to do what they want with their lives whilst benefiting society
  • a handful of people on the planet have the ability and luck to land in the right place at the right time and create something huge like Google or Facebook or even Ford

Each of the above have pro’s and con’s for your life, make sure you know what is important to you.

I will be wasting my breath probably here as everyone in tech succumbs to crap that the media is producing about tech….go big or go home, aim for he moon, etc etc. Maybe just consider that you have got caught up in doing what you think others think you should do. VC’s only make money when founders hit the moon, so are you playing their game or yours?

As a wise man said to me many years ago, when you put a ladder against a wall make sure it is against the wall you want to climb and not taking you no where or a place that you don’t want to go.



Doug is  good enough to swing for the fences in some aspects of his life and not in others, he decided not to spend his life swinging for fences in his company :)


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