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London Tech Please Stop Posting How We Should All Work Together

London Tech Please Stop Posting How We Should All Work Together

I do not feel like I should be the one writing this as I am part of the London Tech club and am surrounded by all the priveleges but………

View from the top of the Victoria Tower, the lesser known of the two towers of the Houses of Parliament, towards Big Ben, the River Thames and the London Eye

I have over the past few days watched more and more people in the London Tech scene post how everyone should all pull together in these challenging times. Sorry people but what utter shit you talk. Some of the articles are here and with the backing of many friends, acquaintances, people who dislike me and others:

Rohan Silva –

Saul Klein –

Index Ventures –

Matt Clifford –

Resham Sohoni –

Jeff Lynn –

Many other people in London Tech especially want another referendum because they did not get the result they wanted…some even had a jolly day at the Houses of Parliament…..bah bah tough shit.

You are all missing the point, these statements are exactly the issue that the disillusioned people outside of London hate, lets all be strong together and adapt to the world we did not want to change. It is condescending and pompous. The people outside the M25 want change and if the referendum vote gets cancelled it will feel like the London Elite have fucked the disillusioned again!  They don’t want you to pull together they want you to get out of the M25 and help them. They don’t need the world from you but some advice and help from people who have more knowledge and understanding of how to grow companies. Maybe you may also learn something from the people outside the M25:)

I wrote this the other day as my personal background makes it easy for me to get access to the LEAVE view of the disillusioned:

I voted to Remain as did almost everyone I know within my educated group of friends and associates who live in the world of tech.

My family, live in the North East and some live in the poorest parts ( my school was in the middle of one of the most deprived areas of the country ), they all voted to Leave.

I debated with both sides, but I could never grasped or understood the Leave vote… was illogical and made no sense, they would be the ones who would suffer the most.

Tonight with my 15 year old son, who is very solid Remain, I talked about my time as a kid. I loved being a kid, I had a big close family, loads of friends and we kicked balls round the streets all day and every day.

I was young and London was so far away. Everyone had bad holidays in caravans or Butlin’s.  We had to sneak round the house be quiet as our dad’s did hard jobs or did night shifts and needed rest. Everyone I knew hated the people in London and anyone who went to University, it was not what we did, we got jobs in the shops, shipyards or if lucky a nice stable government job. We worked for years hoping every week to not be laid off and have to find another job.

Things looks very different to me now, as I swan round the world but tonight made me think………my family in the North East who I have debated with, all voted to LEAVE….the mates I grew up whom I have lost touch with, undoubtedly voted to LEAVE. They voted to LEAVE to basically say FUCK YOU, my life is shit so what do I have to loose.

Many of you who are in the London Tech Scene are from outside London or went to University outside London or have family outside London…..but have you ever been to these places to try and help just the local tech scene…help involves money, advice, encouragement etc, you decide.

Who of you has done anything to help any of these, if not then why not?

Newcastle – Paul Smith, Lyndsey Britton, Tristan Watson have done great stuff with help from John Bradford.

Manchester – George Bettany  Herb Kim and Claire Braithwaite

Sheffield – Lee Stafford

Bristol –  Mike Jackson

Birmingham – Nick Holzherr  Simon Jenner Imandeep Kaur

Bradford – Matt Clifford said he is interested in doing something:):)

There are many more such people and I am sorry if I have not mentioned you, but others who do read this do know you.

I know many people within the M25 and most of them are lovely and nice, o please stop moaning about why you did not get what you wanted and realise it is because you live inside the M25 and have forgotten the rest of the country. You can fix that by just contacting one of the people above:)

If you got this far CLICK THIS and see what you can do




Ps. I wanted to stay too



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