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Linkybrains – Looking for £10 million and a Bloody Nose – Day 28

Linkybrains – Looking for £10 million and a Bloody Nose – Day 28

Rich I love you.

Rich: You are so wrong about so many things. The beauty is, you only have to be right about a couple of them :)

Doug: Only 1:):) and it might not be even me who does the 1…I just have poke someone else who pokes someone else.



#Linkybrains 28 days ago people thought this Linkybrains thing was a joke. We know we want to make the world better, so I suspect we need £10 million to start with. Where do we get it? Here is a vague deck:)
From a Linkedin discussion:
Lots more:):) But don’t seem yet to be able to express it easily. From experience one day I will wake up and write it down. In my head linkybrains is in every city in the world, that is just a time scale now. It is done, it can no longer be stopped. We have local solutions from one part of the world being shared on some platforms to other parts of the world who have similar issues. We have people who can fix huge problems connected and coming in and out of projects when there skills are need. Many of these projects will spin away from Linkybrains and that will be great. I see Linkybrains as a sort of living breathing ideas pot with great people coming in and out. A sort of connected humanity. I see FB, Linkedin, twitter etc as simply hammers to help build a small house, from the small house people will come and go and learn and go off and build better houses. Many will never come to the small Linkybrains house or even know about it. A side product will be many people will become so much more than they ever thought they could be. Maybe this is my first draft:)
Of course today:
Oh shit I have left the cooker on…………….


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