500 Startups Distro Dojo Comes to Town

So a little bird told us that 500 Startups were coming to lil’ old London town. Their new programme Distro Dojo, headed up by Matt Lerner, formerly Paypal hopes to “help post-seed companies blow up growth and close their next round.”

Distro DOJO London

What you need to know about Distro Dojo:

  • Distro = 500 Startups growth hacking; Dojo = the place where a ninja trains to becomes a ninja
  • Aimed at startups looking to grow, grOW, GROW
  • 3 months, starting September, at WeWork Moorgate
  • Applications accepted through referral only

We attended Friday’s launch, and basically spent the whole night running around talking to smart folks with cool ideas, bandana-ing people, drinking mildly-spiked orange juice, and nabbing scallops and fried rice. All in a day’s work.

Dave and Matt got in the action, of course. All the best, guys!

Dave McClure
Dave got bandana-ed!


Say hi to Matt everybody!



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