Alicia Navarro – The Ozzy – Skimlinks – Angel Investor

Alicia is CEO & Founder at Skimlinks in London and is a little angel investor – not saying Alicia is small, well she is sort of, but she only invests some times and generally not if I ask her to look at a deal:( Some people have no accounting for taste:):)

This is the latest picture I have of Alicia:


The smart ones of you will have realised that the picture above is a kangaroo and hence as Alicia is from Sydney I have joined the dots and shown a Kangaroo that lives in Australia and Sydney is in Australia. See how this works. Alicia is much prettier and sweeter but don’t be taken it by the sweetness,you are being played:)) Nice she is mind but she is not as silly as she looks and she does not look silly:) That is a long winded back hander I think. Anyway she really looks like this:

Alicia Navarro

Alicia Navarro

Again you can see she does not look like a Kanagaroo, but she is from Sydney. Side note – I never think the pictures do you justice darling:)

By the way I lived in Sydney for quite a while ( even have the passport to show it ) and Alicia went to UTS ( University of Technology in Sydney) that probably means she was not clever enough to get into UNSW or Sydney Uni. Just goes to show you eh…all those lovely degrees from all those nice Universities can really count for jack shit.




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