Angellist people have kidnapped me

Angellist people have kidnapped me

There I was minding my own business walking through good old London town and a bunch of people grabbed me and dragged me into some flat in East London and tortured me. I had to watch as they paraded round in a variety of clothes and in some cases not many clothes…..some people may find that appealing but not me not ….look at the people I had to watch writhing round the floor in the nude. The thing they all had in common they were wearing my bandana. I managed to get some shots whilst they were not looking, sadly some of the photo’s did not take so I could not get all the people…there were hundreds of them every where…naked bodies, oil, grease, foam.

If anyone has more photos then please send them to me. If anyone sees these people round town be warned they can do strange things with pink banada’s. Below are the only photo’s I have that show them with any clothes on.

Currently I am trapped in a flat in East London – I believe they are after a ransom…..sorry got to go they are coming back up the stairs. Hopefully I will survive another day of there abuses of me……..Speak soon and wish me good luck……Please helpppppppp






Obviously some of the above is not true:)


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