Bill Earner – The American – Connect Ventures

This article is written about Bill Earner as an earlier article had Bill’s name in it and I did not wish to confuse myself.

Bill Earner is another bloody American who has realised that real football is played with a round ball and none of that fancy padding stuff. Sadly he is not a Newcastle fan, but not everyone can have that challenge forced on them at birth:) He says he is a Arsenal fan but that was the one that started with an A and he could not read any more and no one would wish Aston Villa on anyone – would they Carl , Rich, David

Which Photo do you like???

Bill Earner

Bill Earner

Bill Earner





Oh yes and Bill is a Venture Capitalist in London specialising in early stage tech rubbish…ie the things that mostly fail. He historically did an engineering degree… they are as rare as “wide mouth frogs” in the VC world in the UK. Watch video with kids if you do not know the wide mouth frog joke – Click here.

With Bill at Connect Ventures is Sitar Teli ( sounds like an Indian type of guitar – nothing good or bad meant in that just sounds like it) and Pietro Bezza ( obviously he played with Gazza at Lazio…in joke for football fans ).

So Bill aswell as a degree in tech stuff he did an MBA – shame Bill up till then you were doing ok.

I have no real idea what Bill has invested in as most were before my time, but he has done a couple of interesting ones:

Citymapper – thats with that Alex Dunsdon guy. I already have a profile of him.

Secretsales – founded by that Nish Kukadi , who looks real stern in that photo but seems to smile a lot in real life.



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