Brexit Fuck You

Brexit Fuck You

I voted to Remain as did almost everyone I know within my educated group of friends and associates who live in the world of tech.

My family, live in the North East and some live in the poorest parts ( my school was in the middle of one of the most deprived areas of the country ), they all voted to Leave.

I debated with both sides, but I could never grasped or understood the Leave vote… was illogical and made no sense, they would be the ones who would suffer the most.

Tonight with my 15 year old son, who is very solid Remain, I talked about my time as a kid. I loved being a kid, I had a big close family, loads of friends and we kicked balls round the streets all day and every day.

I was young and London was so far away. Everyone had bad holidays in caravans or Butlin’s.  We had to sneak round the house be quiet as our dad’s did hard jobs or did night shifts and needed rest. Everyone I knew hated the people in London and anyone who went to University, it was not what we did, we got jobs in the shops, shipyards or if lucky a nice stable government job. We worked for years hoping every week to not be laid off and have to find another job.

Things looks very different to me now, as I swan round the world but tonight made me think………my family in the North East who I have debated with, all voted to LEAVE….the mates I grew up whom I have lost touch with, undoubtedly voted to LEAVE. They voted to LEAVE to basically say FUCK YOU, my life is shit so what do I have to loose.