Brexit – It will be years before we leave if ever

Brexit – It will be years before we leave if ever

As soon as we issue Article 50 we have 2 years to leave the EU, as soon this reduces our ability to negotiate with the EU because if we do not sort out deals we automatically get a shit deal.

So I would suspect the UK will not issue Article 50 for w while so as to not loose the power of negotiating with the EU. Once the UK has sorted out all the major things it will then issue Article 50, this could be years if ever.

Interesting dilemma, the UK can leave with the support of the people at any time it wishes. The EU have no power to force the UK to leave. Interesting negotiating position.

So does the UK get all the good bits of the EU and none of the bad bits, do then other countries do the same, hence indirectly fixing the EU??

Article 50 skews the balance of power in the negotiations in favour of the continuing member states. That is because of the two-year rule and the unanimity requirement for extensions to that period. If we find ourselves outside the EU with no deal, we automatically revert to World Trade Organization (WTO) rules on trade. That means that tariffs have to be imposed on trade between the UK and the EU. This would be bad for everyone, but especially for the UK. Strenuous – and probably successful – efforts would be made to avoid it. But, as we explore in our briefing paper on the impact of Brexit on other member states, some countries would strike a very hard bargain. We can presume that the UK would not get its way on everything.

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Brexit Fuck You


Whoever wrote that deal was not thinking about reality….OR were they?