Damien Lane – The Almost German VC – Episode 1 Venture Capital

Damien Lane – The Almost German VC – Episode1 Venture Capital

Schneller laufen langsam boy

Damien may thing he can run in that German gear, but can’t run as fast as Roger Low – you know who he is in Highgate Damien.

So if you see this guy running round North London then you know who it is and shout:


Germa clothes




Damien is Partner at Episode 1 Ventures and Non Executive Director at Raising IT Ltd and carwow. Studied at the Judge Institute, Cambridge University and Oxford University. He speaks German.

Damien ist Partner bei Episode 1 Ventures und Non Executive Director bei Raising IT Ltd und carwow . Studierte an der Judge Institute , Universität von Cambridge und Oxford University . Er spricht Deutsch .



PS. Some of the above is not quite true

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