David Pritchard – The sexy Angel Investor:) – ex Opentable

David is Early/mid stage investor in software/SaaS, marketplaces/network effects, hospitality and international expansion in Reading. He studied at the Manchester Business School and University of Warwick.

David Pritchard

David Pritchard

Hi sexy man – you knew it would come. David has only just joined twitter so he will no idea I have written this about him till the pigeons get to his house with a message:) He has just told me he joined ages ago but had not learnt to use a mouse or keyboard till recently:):)

Seriously awesome lovely man. I have had the privilege of working with him on a few deals and he is, and this is said nicely, one anal bastard:):) Detail detail detail. But cares massively about companies he has invested in and just generally in helping people. Bit of scaredy cat some time about investing in lunatics…but more he hangs around me we will sort that:)

See you soon sexy man – a real honour to know you.



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