I want to Win for fun:):):) Please Vote for Me:) BoatyMcBoatface

I want to Win for fun :):):) Please Vote for Me:)BoatyMcBoatface


Just for fun i wanted to help Mike promote the Europas and thought it funny if i won at the same time :)

Take the survey http://theeuropas.polldaddy.com/s/theeuropas2016

Question 19 is the only one that matters:):) haha

Wouldn’t it just be so funny if someone who had never invested in anything till 3 years ago, did not go to the right school,  knew no one in the industry and was even openly critical about how the system is broken actually won an investor award:):)

Maybe this vote will not be a true count for the winner ………….or maybe BoatyMcBoatface:)