It’s Uncool to Build a Proper Company and VC’s are Propagating the Lie

It’s Uncool to Build a Proper Company and VC’s are Propagating the Lie


You do not need VC money, irrelevant about what Techcrunch tells you, irrelevant about accelerators tell you, irrelevant about what everyone tells you.

Startups fall into 3 types:

  1. Companies that should never raise money and the founders can keep complete control and do what they want, have holidays, free time , a life, family, plus can make proper money.
  2. Companies that should raise VC so as to scale and scale, but founders will end up with probably little control and little stock and have to prey the planets align and an exit happens ( even if they do not want to ). But they are good for a small number of companies.
  3. Companies that should raise some cash to help them and probably never sell. Keep control and have freedom, have some investors who they pay some part of the profits too for backing them. If the company ever gets sold it is when the founder wants to.

You may say what a load of bollocks from Doug, but behind the stupid pink bandana we have created numerous companies that turnover millions, all with no external funding, all with no investors, all with no real cash to start with. We now invest in startups but ask anyone we have invested in and I will tell them do not raise money as they will start selling their soul to the investor. Only some people and companies should raise money and they should only raise from people they are alighned with…….Steve O’Hear is great:)

Rant over.