John Davy – ex Jongleurs – Angel Investor

John Davy – ex Jongleurs – Angel Investor

Simple advice do not drink with John. This is what will happen:

John: Do you want a drink?

Recipient: No thank you

John: I am having a red wine why not have one?

Recipient: Ok then I will have the same.

John: We might as well get a bottle red as it will be the same price

Recipient: Ok

John: I think I may change my mind and have a white wine

Recipient: Oh

John: Don’t worry I will get a bottle of white and you can choose.

Thus the night begins.

You have been warned. Do not be fooled by John he is smarter than he appears:)


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John Davy

John Davy

John is Advisory Board Member of Jongleurs Comedy Ltd and also Member at The Supper Club. Passionate about brand and fast roll out strategies, John also owns several successful online businesses and consults on e-commerce and online customer journey offering his knowledge and experience to entrepreneurs who want to produce profitable online business companies. John is a member of the advisory committee of Merryck & Co and is also on the panel of Alan Camp Architects, a UK award winning architectural practice and is also a highly regarded mentor for Rockstar Mentoring Group. His interests are webTV, IPTV and WEB streaming