Linkybrains – Acceptance – Day 9 (3)

Linkybrains – Acceptance – Day 9 (3)

I have changed this to be Day 9 as simply this is how old this”project” is. I am saying project in the loosest loosest terms.


Behind the scenes is mayhem. All we know is we have hit something, it is not a business, but something much much bigger. The 4 of us who started playing this have done millions in deals, but have never been involved in anything like this. I believe I maybe the first one of us to have accepted the size of what is happening and what could happen.

In my eyes this is the future the humanity. I do not know if what we build will be it or we will be a building block on which others build the future. But some how some of the people involved in this will change humanity.

I have become confident in this to now write it down. But I still do go what the hell is happening.

Oh shit I have left the cooker on…..