Linkybrains Diary of a Madman – Day 1

Linkybrains Diary of a Madman – Day 1

Of course I am not mad. In my head everything is simple and obvious, the world does not understand me. Others may see me as mad and in the past I even felt like I should have been locked up. Why was the world so hard and why did people get caught up in trivial dull shit.


So at the age of 54 I have some how stumbled into something. I have always been searching for things and playing, is this it? Maybe, maybe not I have no idea.  I am no way as Linky as many people who have contacted me, but I am definitely not normal, but I do not think anyone is, society has played some interesting games on us.

Humans have all got #linkybrains that is how we got out of caves, it is how we did fire, it is how we have done everything since the dawn of time. The industrial revolution valued conformity and everything being the same, that revolution is over, machines will do that role better than humans ever will do. Humans need to value their linkybrains to head out in to the new world and away from the old cave. ( Did I just write that? – see the self doubts creeping in )

As soon as you become yourself then you unleash the full power of the human capacity to manifest and create your own reality. Most of the most powerful minds are trapped by the systems that surround them. To release human potential you have to fundamentally open the cages that contain the best people. Society is the cage. (stolen from a friend)

What the hell am I doing? I am an imposter, how did I get here. No idea.

So what the hell happened today:

  • 1000 online chats atleast all over the world – I used to be rude online, now I am brutal, sorry everyone..I some times have 20 windows open at once.
  • 20 phone calls – mostly with Alex Dunsdon – emotionally one of us  and the other is down…what is happening we keep asking each other? ( I have built numerous companies I know the yoyo’s it is just part of the game – its part of the fun, I learnt to accept it)
  • couple of chats with Chris Tottman – are we people who can straddle linkybrains world and normality easier than most?? We don’t think so, we think we just embraced who are are earlier in life.
  • couple of chats with mates in Hong Kong
  • popped into my office to print off some music for my daughter ( I have a printer at home but not got it setup – idiot )
  • did cycle ride of 25km – cycled like a nutter trying to clear head
  • texted James Routledge to ask what the f is happening…he replied and said just keep going x x x
  • listened to Rag and Bone Man at full blast – wow can he sing…inside his mind is torment
  • some more people volunteered to help with design, dev, coordinating etc
  • maybe 30 more events being planned round the world
  • concerns we are not getting many women in the conversations – do women think like this, is it a man issue, do women not want to talk about this…no idea?
  • white and Indian men seem to be posting more and more…where are the blacks and Chinese etc?
  • realised Mike is a machine, he takes all my madness and sorts it at super fast pace, with happiness…. we have still never met or even chatted on the phone…when life calms down we will get to it.

Some stuff people have sent me to leave you with. Thank you. ( this is a tiny amount of snippets of what I have been sent today):

Healing in action. There is a huge amount of self forgiveness for people in realising that they are not alone and that they can succeed by just being themselves. To have mentors that have made a career out of joining dots when they may have never have been appreciated for their talents and often ridiculed for their ‘laziness’ etc is a profoundly incredible thing. My long battle with mental health came from the cruelty of the world trying to make me into something that I wasn’t and having nobody in my corner to help me harness the gifts that I had. The education and employment system itself causes deep harm to the non-linear thinkers of this world.

Thinks a million for arranging Linkybrain. I can’t even explain how much this will help new start ups…Feeling I am not alone in my journey.

I spent years being ashamed of my brain, I left school completely unqualified and through a string of short lived jobs I started to genuinely fear my own inability to concentrate as my peers somehow did. I knew I wasn’t stupid and I was capable of complex and abstract thought but I watched titans of industry and corporate CEO’s with envy as they seemed to have the focus and dedication I could never muster. I was capable of hyper focus on tasks and could lose myself for hours in an idea or concept that most would find mundane or bizarre but none of this seemed to apply to my professional life.

Work / life balance — this doesn’t exist for me, and doesn’t need to. My brain is always on and enquiring, everything I see is processed and filed away and allows the linky effect of applying different learnings across a whole spectrum of knowledge and how it applies to different things. I have never understood those who don’t do this. What are they thinking about — football/house prices/politics maybe?

Long story short I haven’t joined a cult and I’ll take on anyone who declares Linkybrain to be a cult. Cults tell you how to think and what to conclude, Linkybrain is the realisation that the outliers and brilliant but scattered people are everywhere and its time to think about how we value their power.

Quickly though, I was called something else, I was called an Eternal Unsatisfied guy. Which then became Perfectionist. It’s weird because if you take a look at my life right now, it’s the opposite of perfect. It has probably never been that shitty. Do I expect too much and therefore don’t get anything? That’s probably what it is.

The best one, and how scary do you think I feel when someone say this. Thank you Marc:

This is a bold mission that has in it the potential to unlock the full potential of some of the greatest minds on the planet. All with a shit brand… ;-)

Doug –

Ps. For a laugh and to amuse myself I started tweeting random people the words #Linkbrain. Notable ones today were these 2:)

Having just reread this end bit it does seem a bit mad.