Linkybrains – Ebley Street – Day 24

Linkybrains – Ebley Street – Day 24

600m up, 16km long – felt harder, but I was better….it got cold after 500m

Linkybrains fun, we announced events in London and decided there would be no organisers turn up. I thought it would be funny to experiment to see could we growth hack real coffee events:):):):)


Do not doubt the power of humour to make things happen. Every king had a joker:) The pack of cards power cards are the jokers:) I just like mischief and was probably the crap joker who got executed in early life:)

Some people went, some did not….Be interested to hear from people who signed upto go but did not, and from people who did go. How were the emotions? How are the emotions?

A very smart man once said these words:

Maybe i should call myself a “rubbish polymath”.

Or did he, or was he not smart. Wow my brain is rambling now. But I do love that sentence as it say so many things about a person:

  • Polymaths = generally are very talented generalists
  • Rubbish polymath = implies lots of self doubt, and or humour to deflect from their belief that they maybe a real polymath.
  • “Maybe” – if this word is removed the sentence context changes and implies they believe they are a polymath, but not on par with the great ones.

The words come from Alex Dunsdon, who I love and who is smart as f***. I think you are a quite good polymath matey:) Imagine if you actually applied yourself what you could do:)


Anyway I am going to go off and ramble as for some reason my mind is jumping from one things to another and I can be arsed to write it down. I am writing this for my amusement not for yours. If you like it great but you are not my audience:)

158 Ebley St and Tracy Chapman, Fast Car – always makes me smile. ( some woman just sang it in the hotel where I am ).  When I was 24 I lived at this house in Sydney. We had a rubbish blue sofa I would lie on. I used to get in from work about 4pm each afternoon and turn on MTV to listen to music, this song would be on lots.

It looks nice now but the brick walls are the same. Julie there is that back bedroom, you, Si and Wiggs dossed in

Brain the size of a planet and he had to drink with us – never forgot that.

The kitchen tiles are the same too.

I liked that house, lots of great memories.

Oh I definitely left the cooker on……