LinkyBrains – I am a Linkybrain Hunter Needing Help – Day 14 part 2

LinkyBrains – I am a Linkybrain Hunter We Need More – Day 14


The job is exhausting, harder than anything you will have ever done by miles, you will not be paid.

  • share this list every where and tag anyone and everyone when sharing it

Please read all, sorry if it long

Humanity has always operated like a living breathing connected organism with each person helping humanity develop. Humanity has also always grown in leaps, the leaps being compounded by unreasonable exponential people Einstein, Marie Currie, Newton, Picaso, De Vinci,etc etc.

The challenges that humanity, is and will face, are greater than ever. Things are changing faster than ever. Already we have Artificial Intelligence that is much better at linear thinking than humans, this is only going to increase. Humanity needs to adapt to these changes so as to be able to utilise the unique talents they have to be the best they can be. What will humans do? Where will they fit in the new world? The questions are endless. Think where humanity has come from in 500 years, where will it be in 500 more? Humanity is either about to develop the abilities and tools to conquer the universe or we will be another species that once existed on planet earth. There is no halfway house on this. The universe is about to become our playground or we die out. Our traditional systems of education and employment will be of no worth. Humanity needs a paradigm shift and it will not come from linear thinking.

I believe we need Linkybrains to help the above problems and fast.

Assuming these people are scattered all over the planet then they are mixed within 7 billion people. Many you who are already active had their first interaction with me. Many of you have had many interactions with me. So far this guy wins – Jake Newport with 3 hours of online arguements. – hi Jake lets hope it was worth it.

With all the tools I am running plus 18 hours per day I am contacting about 2000 people per day. I am relentless but it will take me forever and my health will be gone.

Thus we need almost 50 billion interactions to find everyone on the planet. Simply I can’t do that, so we need to amplify things.

Hence here are my ideas, pick any or all:

  • Share articles as many as possible whenever and where ever on any and all social media.
  • Tag in as many people as possible, on any and all social media, you have no idea who is who let them decide.
  • Tell any journalists you know about Linkybrains any where in the world.
  • Tell that Elon bloke about Linkybrains. :)
  • Just announce on your social media you are having a coffee in your local coffee shop ( that is how simple it is ).
  • Write articles and post anywhere and every where.
  • Goto events any where with anyone you know.
  • Email anyone and everyone you know to look at
  • Email anyone and everyone you know to look at this on medium.
  • Build tools to do any and all of the above and share them every where.
  • share this list every where and tag anyone and everyone when sharing it
  • create more ideas and lists and share them

Oh shit I left the cooker on…..


Ps. Elon request is above:)