Linkybrains – Start of the Hills – Day 22

Linkybrains – Start of the Hills – Day 22

650 metres up a hill today in 16km on the bike:) Hard but I did love it:) My bike:) Got to get to 1500m in 21km for France in June


Linkybrains world bit odd – loads going on but feels to me like nothing happening. Pleased I have created companies before as I know this feeling, you feel flat due to some odd emotions but the facts are different.

We tried with someone today an interesting game:) Started connecting to their 2nd level contacts on Linkedin that we thought would be linkybrains but also would be good for their core business. So just sent them connection emails and said:

Hi xxx, My name is xx and I would love to connect with you as I am doing xx, and I think connecting would be both for good of us. For some fun you may also find this interesting, Thanks for your time and I hope we connect.

200 requests were sent, 50 people connected, 15 people replied, 5 of them replied mentioning linkybrains and either said they liked it or were curious.

Been listening lots to Jordan Peterson – he thinks like me

Look at the amount of events wow: