Maria Dramalioti-Taylor – Angellab VC – Angel Investor

Maria Dramalioti-Taylor – Angellab VC – Angel Investor

Maria is lovely so how can I write anything funny:):):) Or maybe I can:):)

Maria was originally from Grease and has many nicknames:

Rizzo, Frenchy, Marty, and Jan – search in google and you will join the dots

My guessing is there is no grease in her house though as she does like things to be right:):)

No Grease Sign - large doc

How can a Greek not like Grease??? Big question that one and next time I see Maria I will ask her.

Do you like Grease Maria?????


Maria Dramalioti-Taylor

Maria Dramalioti-Taylor

Greek ramblings

Maria is Entrepreneur in Residence at INSEAD, Founding Partner at Angellab and also Advisory Board UK at Astia. She invests in and work with the best people she can get hold of in tech. Most of them are in Angellab. She wants to build a portfolio of min 100 investments. Started Angellab and got some of the savviest investors in the UK to work together and invest in the best British tech talent: 24 months, 25+ seed investments, ~80% with follow on funding from the likes of Greycroft, NEA, Notion, eVentures, Octopus. Maria is looking for outliers, original thinkers and problem solvers. She speaks French, German and Greek. Studied at the Harvard Business School, Cranfield University – Cranfield School of Management,Imperial College London and National Technical University of Athens. Her interests are fencing (foil), running, basket ball, ice skating and skiing



PS. Some of the above is not quite true

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