Matus Maar – Talis Capital Venture Capital – VC

Matus Maar – Talis Capital Venture Capital – VC

This boys reckons he can speak 6 languages but he studied at Manchester and we all know what that means……..nothing, zip, ditto….Matus actually in an early life was a back stage singer of Oasis, if you check the cover of the What’s the Story you will see him there play the fiddle. Watch this video and you will also see him playing on Wonderwall:

Him and the Gallagher brothers were known for living a silly life whilst on tour with Oasis. Obviously it also means Matus is a Man City fan……he will change when the oil runs out and no longer can Man City just buy anyone they want.




Ps Some of the above maybe untrue:):)



Talis Capital Matus MaarMatus has a degree from the University of Manchester, is an active alumni of Singularity University and a member of CISI. Matus loves travelling and experiencing different cultures, he lived in 6 countries and speaks English, German, Czech, Slovak, French and is now learning Spanish.