Paul Smith – Geordie Boy almost – Ignite and Campus North – Newcastle

Al-Murray-Comedian_1Paulo Smiffy ( commonly called Paul Smith ) rambles and rants lots but has a heart of gold. Original of Italian heritage ( obvious with a name like that ). He now resides in Newcastle and has helped create Ignite and Campus North after that Johny Bradford was transferred to Techstars in London.

Paulo in an early life was the boyfriend of Liv Tyler – here they are as a happy couple, sweet eh:)

Paul Smith

How he pulled her when he rants so much I will never know? Listen to those rants on real time here:

Twitter and Paulo

More rants from him here

He loves the name Paulo but thought he would change it to make it easier for none Italians, so next time you see him call him Paulo. If he had been born Irish he would have been called Paddy and looked like this:

Al Murray Peter Taylor


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