Been a Pleasure Georgio – thanks for allowing me to be part of the journey

Been a Pleasure Georgio – thanks for allowing me to be part of the journey


This is in response to this post of FB about Gergio’s trip to Bali:

2 years ago I by chance met Georgio at a Techstars event in London, where he was helping out. We had a very brief chat….a few months later the same happened again over lunch. I asked Jess Williamson of Techstars who he was as he had a strangeness about him……she could only say nice things about him. So as I do with many people I invited him to our offices in a tiny place in the middle of England…..Georgio came up and we chatted.

At the end of the day I asked Georgio if he wanted to come and spend a few weeks working with us and he said yes. Those few weeks were interesting as everyone loved Georgio and he added zest and energy and ideas but probably delivered nothing……..but I am not a great deliverer of things myself, but I can deliver zest, energy and ideas in abundance. So the friendship began.

I am know for doing odd things so asked Georgie to come with me to India, with Andy my FD and Paul Smith of Ignite fame to see a friend in Kerala. We got him in First Class to India:)


He tried to use his charm on the stewardess but to no real avail, she gave him a dodgy phone number….he may dispute this but we know the truth.

After a week of messing about in Southern India with Harsha, an old friend from Hyderbad, we decided to open an office in Bali. No real plan other than an idea that maybe something special will happen, or atleast it would be a laugh.

A year later and we now have about 25 people in Asia creating some interesting stuff.

I have been fortunate to have been out to Bali twice to see the people and had Georgio take me out surfing……many years ago I used to surf and hence I vaguely remember, to the surprise of Georgio I got up quite a few times.

So Georgio is off once more on his travels…..thanks for your help and fun matey and enjoy the next journey:) See you soon.