Raj Ramanandi – Seed1 VC – Angel Investor – Soho Labs

Raj Ramanandi – Seed1 VC – Angel Investor – Soho Labs



This image is not Raj but it looks like him……Kerals – I assume that is Kerala where this guy comes from and is he looks like Raj I wonder if Raj is from Kerala? I have just come back from Kerala…nice place interesting…India means it is India and not like anything us soft westerners are used to. I will ask Raj where he is from next time I see him

This is a picture on anther guy who is not Raj

ugly indian



Raj is Mentor at Techstars, SeedCamp, Entrepreneur First, Springboard & Startup Weekend amongst others across Europe. Investing in digital startups as a hands-on angel investor: CEO / Managing Partner of #1seed, as featured in the FT, Wired, techcrunch, Venturebeat, London Evening Standard and Mail on Sunday. 6 startups to-date: one floated, one was acquired, one cash-cow, a couple failed, and the new baby is Soho Labs. He studied at the Westminster Business School and University of Westminster.