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Get the robot for your home

Robots for your home  

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Alicia Navarro – The Ozzy – Skimlinks – Angel Investor

Alicia is CEO & Founder at Skimlinks in London and is a little angel investor – not saying Alicia is small, well she is sort of, but she only invests some times and generally not if I ask her to look at a deal:( Some people have no accounting for taste:):) This is the latest…

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Dotun Olowoporoku – Guest Post – Disrupting the High Street –

Guest Post – Disrupting the High Street – Dotun Olowoporoku – This not normal but as Dotun is a friend and I have invested in his company and he is super smart then I am happy to support him and give his post a spot. If anyone else has anything interesting to write then…

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Potential Newsletter Fourth in April

Slight change today and a copy of our newsleter incase you did not get it:   Updates for the week: Please join this if you are an investor ( sorry no startups ) – Linkedin Group for UK tech investors Potential in Asia – has gently launched so if you are passing by say hi…

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