Simon Bichara – Angel Investor

Simon Bichara – Angel Investor

Simon is the King of Bichara Land


In Bichara Land everyone thinks they are free and has a vote and they are all free and have a vote as long as the King of Bichara Land is Simon. Here is the latest picture I could find on Simon:


I am sure I have seen this guy before on TV but I can’t think when. Anyway when ever I searched for Simon in Google the above pictures were all I could find:)

Simon is also quite domesticated and loves cooking and I would imagine cleaning judging by the nice outfit he is wearing above


Ps Some of the above is untrue:)

simon bichara

Simon is Founder at HiredByMe and Modaventure,Investor at Chew, Verticly, Investor and Advisor at Shuttlecook, Investor and advisor at ignite100, and Jinn. He studied at Imperial College London.