Sitar Teli – Connect Ventures – VC

Sitar Teli – Connect Ventures – VC

For some reason I thought Sitar was a singer or something to do with music….so I looked it up on Google ( or Alphabet ) and remembered that Sitar was a musical instrument

sitarSo the next question is how did Sitar get her name. I am sure if we asked her she would tell us as I imagine it is an interesting story. Sitar Sitar give us a song. This is a one I found with her as a backing singer:

Not a perfect photo but if you look below you can definitely see the resembelance:)


Sitar Teli

This beneath is utter rucbbish

Sitar is Managing Partner of Connect Ventures, Board Director of Auxy, The Cloakroom B.V., RetentionGrid,Pact Coffee, and ReadWave and also Board Observer of Space Ape Games. She studied at the Duke University. Her specialties are financial planning and modeling, business strategy development, mergers and acquisition advisory. Sitar has strong focus on product, user experience, community building and social distribution. She is looking for product-focused founders who really understand the market they’re building for.