We are now in Africa

We are now in Africa

Strategic acquisition

Pan-African Startup Support Platform, Starta Merges with Potential Group

Potential Group acquires Pan-African startup support platform, Starta

Potential Group expands to Africa acquires Starta.

The UK-based global tech online businesses, Potential Group (Potential.co ), has acquired Starta, ( thestarta.com ), the Pan-African startup support platform currently working out of Nigeria.

Although full details of the acquisition cannot be revealed at the moment, Starta says becoming part of the Potential Group will provide help to allow Starta turbocharge its effort across Africa, and give it useful leverage in the African startup scene.

Dotun Olowoporoku, Founder of Starta: “What Potential Group is bringing to the table allows Starta to speed up our core operation in Africa and to leverage existing resources from Potential: growth, content, technology and money. Potential has proven experience of building high growth businesses at scale, with websites they own getting up to 5 million visitors per day.  They also have significant experience of investing in and working with early stage startups. (with over 30 early stage investments in 3 years). Joining Potential will dump fuel on our fire to execute our vision faster and better.”

On its end, Potential Group will leverage Starta’s domain knowledge in Africa to spearhead its effort on the continent.

Doug Scott, Founder of Potential Group: “We already see real engagement from our Asia effort. We have been observing the growth trajectory in Africa and believe that the strategic investment in Starta will give us the opportunity to be part of the growth.”

About Starta

Headquartered in the UK, with an operations office in Nigeria, Starta is making it easier to build and track high-growth business opportunities in Africa. We support businesses by providing resources, training, and connecting them with valuable networks of investors, mentors, partners and potential customers. We believe that billion-dollar companies will emerge out of Africa. Our mission is to contribute to making this happen.

About Potential Group

The Potential Group is a rapidly growing tech company building many of their own products. They also invest in early stage technology startups and providing advice via accelerator programmes. The Potential Group, Potential.co, is a parent company to several online enterprises – including Asapcompare.com, 30m.com, Carrentals.co.uk, and  Potential.VC.

For more information, please visit http://www.thestarta.com, http://www.potential.co

For more information, contact:

Dotun Olowoporoku, Founder, Starta



SOURCE: Starta