Barry Smith – Skyscanner – Angel Investor

Barry Smith – Skyscanner – Angel Investor

Smiffy is from East London and has a solid East London accent. After a bit of time he headed up Norf and ended up in Edinburgh where he became a pilot for Easyjet. Easyjet gave him almost everything he wanted including a lovely orange outfit. Below is a picture of Bary with one of the first planes he ever flew:


In Scotland as we all know they think they make them bigger, but this is actually the real size of the plane and Scottish people are just small. So Barry got completely into the swing of being a Scotsman:


But alas we all know that real Scotsman may startup looking like above but they all end up looking like a later picture of Barry below:



Have fun Barry:):)




Real dull stuff

Barry Smith

Barry Smith

Barry is Co-Founder of Skyscanner, Advisor at Mailcloud, MyVirginKitchen and Osper also Board Trustee at New Entrepreneurs Foundation, Executive Producer for McQueen: The Man & Le Mans and Mentor for Techstars., Founders Forum For Good and Seedcamp in London. Studied at the University of Kent. His skills and expertise are internet startups, online business models, mobile web and app strategy, international growth, global user acquisition, business/corporate development, internet marketing (SEO, SEM, Affiliate), commercial / sales execution, client relationship management and also deal execution.