Ignite to open in London and Manchester

Ignite to open in London and Manchester

So those daft Geordie boys and girls have decided to expand to the sunny South ( if you are from Newcastle you know Manchester is in the South)

After running almost 50 teams through the system they have a interesting strike rate to say the least. They take teams very very early and have been sticking them in Campus North ( used to be a room above a pub now is actually a building with loads of people in it ). Then Paul Smith tells then they are rubbish and Tristan, Lyndsey and Lauren pickup the pieces:)


Companies that have grown up in this system include Adludio, NowNative, Jinnapp, Moltin, Fitgurus, Lifebox, Kontainers,  plus many more. I am happy to say many people involved have become friends and I also have dragged some friends into being investors. It has and is still a great ride of fun ( I am writing this as I am in Newcastle and have been at ThinkingDigital – thanks Herb ) but also as an investor the paper returns have been interesting to say the least, here is a quote from Mr Smith:

“Ignite is one of the few programmes in the UK with a demonstrable track record in leading businesses to success and creating value for investors. For example, our 2013 cohort now has a collective valuation of over £35 million, an 8x increase in value for our angel investors in just 18 months.”

So they are looking to raise some more cash and if you wish to play then please contact them:


Well done all


Ps . Tristan we went to bed at 2am