Day 11 – Ah ha

Obviously not these:


Few chats with odd people in London….Hi Simon enjoy the start of the journey:)

Then chat with Lillian, who I had never met ,which was a definite ahha moment…thanks Lillian. As I said to you do not undervalue what you do…..Anyway the ahah was:

Lots of people think I am a bit odd, strange, mad, insane….etc. I would say maybe I have some different traits. But what people do not see is the normality of lots of my life, which maybe makes me feel more stable to play the idiot, fool etc. So my other normal life is normal:

  • other half who has been with me ( put up with me ) for years
  • kids who seem to be semi normal
  • family in Newcastle who have known me since I was small…obviously:) who I still speak to weekly
  • some mates who been mates for 30 plus years who I still speak to
  • plus I spend most of my time actually by myself just reading, watching, thinking ( an introvert who people think is an extrovert)

The reason I say the above is so people maybe become aware that you can be aware of who you are and when you are and know what makes you happier/stable etc it is easier to play the manic idiot:)

I will leave the same question as yesterday…why is it that in VC ( and everything else ) do women have to prettier and smarter to be on the field??

Off to get my plane now to sunny Singapore….so you won’t have my words of wisdom tonight or in the morning……I am sure Richard Fearn will be disappointed, but he is going to write a blog about him reading my blog….. It worked for Twitch.

Mr Winn I know you are reading and watching………