Day 10 – London, Crypto models and VC’s

Off to London, but the Queen is not in.

So met an old mate from the banking world who did coding stuff and I explained crypto to…off he went to build some tech to see if my models worked………. Will we get rich from being traders???

Then met some old friends from the VC world….about 10 of us but the Ricardo guy did not turn up ( I did have a blog post about him that is no longer…it was great )…. But wow that Harry Stebbings guy did turn up….. he is coming to see me in the midlands…you promised Harry:)





It was a really lovely evening and I did enjoy it so much. I forgot how many seriously lovely people were in VC since I stopped playing last year. I am being very serious it attracts some great people, but I still believe the model is wrong for so many startups.

Mr Fearn also pointed out that some of my managing staff skills may be requiring tuning:) ( he also said he was not Australian,….nahh ). He alos told me the romantic tals of him wooing his wife…oh he is a sweeting.  I may have said these words to some of my staff…sure I have not…but if I did I am sorry.


Sorry to my lovely staff……… You all know how much I love you. On a serious note I really do.

A lovely quote on fb from one of my ex staff….thank you…. ” Your style of managing staff works for the right people when they understand it

We had the glamour puss ladies of VC too….. Tracy and Francesca. So a bunch of ugly middle aged blokes and 2 gorgeous glamour pusses. Not only are they gorg, but stupidly smart…..just goes to show how messed up the VC world is when the women are stunning and super smart smart and the blokes are not on the pretty side and also not too smart…..hmm…just think on that one……

Stayed at a gorgeous hotel…. guess:) Not saying incase you book it and I can’t stay


I have noticed I don’t seem to be getting my 8 hours sleep…some how I am wide awake at night, but then in the morning I wake early……… got to goto bed earlier…..and got to stick to it. But so many things are interesting to watch, read, listen to when everyone else is a sleep.

By the way incase you wonder I am sticking to the no diary and wheat….but it is in everything so hard to do.

In the crypto world an old saying comes to mind “Don’t catch a falling knife”

After chatting to that Stebbings bloke I realised I won’t be doing podcast interviews….. simply I would only want to ask the questions they did not want me to ask and hence people would not come on my show……Harry told me he always asks the question as though via a 3rd party….. I just could not be so polite.

What about this?

See good old Mr Winn this afternoon who will give me grief about not changing the world yet….