Day 15 – We are sailing

I did manage to get my run in before we headed off on the crypto cruise.

Das Boat is very big ( Das Boat is a great show )maxresdefault

The major decision of the day was:

Should we pay $57 Singapore Dollars for unlimited drinks on the boat? Andy was obviously very keen ( please refer to previous day post ) but I persuaded him to not do it as he would drink as much alcohol as possible to make sure he did not waste his $57.

So we walked up and down 13 floors lots of times to get fit.

The boat on boarding feels like madness with people everywhere, but as the days rolls on and people spread out it becomes more calm and has numerous places that are peaceful.

The crypto guys organised dinner and you sit with other crypto odd bods. Odd bods who are smart and nice and fun. Hi and welcome to my blog, Aakash the Stanford Grad who is trading his way round the world ( with a lazy model not using his obvious talents ( I have abused him lots as can be expected ) and Leonard the bitcoin miner from Africa ( smiler ). The overwhelming thing is their are quite a few very very smart people here.

Night night from Das Boat