Day 16 – Penang, Malaysia

Das Boat is filled with lots of stuff, including a running track, but alas have not found time to do it today.


There was a part of the Crypto Conference on the boat this morning, which was ok……bit weak in many cases except some guys from the Estonia explaining how their government was doing stuff ( I found that fascinating ).

Then off to see the sites ( or tacky tourist ) things of Penang. Penang is a small Asian city, I have seen lots of them in my life, so it was just another one. But it does have a hill worth seeing, Penang Hill, which was fun going up in a 4 wheel drive ( the tram was broke ).

The view from the top with the new Crypto team:) Aakash, the super smart but lazy Indian/Brit/American, who makes sure he is using up his $57 drinks allowance. Leonard, the always happy smiling African minor who likes chocolate. Me, the “I have no clue about this stuff tell me more “. Andy, lovely, gorgeous, sexy “where is the bar?” – Please refer to earlier posts if confused20180116_183137