Day 18 – The End is Nigh


So today I started to get tired…. I normally spend lots of time by myself, with occasional bursts of being very social. I am more than happy this way and it suits my personality.  Add to it I am on a boat all day, there is loads to do, but I just like my freedom to feel like I can do anything I want and a boat does not allow it. Fortunately I have a family who know this and somehow have learnt to accommodate me:)

So today is a full day of conference talks ( whilst crypto prices are still going mad ). I won’t go into the detail of the talks, some were awful, some were ok, some were brilliant. But the reason I do these type of things is because you meet and become friends with new and interesting people, who see the world in a different light. This cruise has definitely been one of those trips…great fun and eye opening.

The one thing I will come away from this is that Blockchain and Crypto are going to be much much bigger than they are  now…some coins will be worth billions and billions…who knows which ones? No one really knows. Some appear to have some fundamentals in place to be transformational for the planet and humanity, but execution at scale is still a long way off. I will buy more coins and I will buy more diversified coins – all to hold for the long term. I will also buy some speculative ICO’s that I believe in. I will also trade a little with coins, to make cash, for fun and amusement…..with no understanding of the long term impact of these coins.

At the end of dinner all the restaurant staff sung to us….strange but actually quite emotional, empowering, etc etc. The cynic it me sees that Royal Caribbean have created this….but it still was good. The staff had been excellent.


The night ended with a trip to the Casino and one of the guys using my chips and winning on roulette….. But the money did not last long as we gambled it all away on a variety of card games.

A farewell to the people we had met, who had been brilliant company, smart, nice, intelligent, funny, etc. Leonard and Aakash a big thank you from me and Andy, it was a great pleasure to meet you and spend so much time with you. I wish you all the best in your lives and very much hope that we see each other again.

As Andy needed his 5th glass of wine for the evening we retired to the bar to sit next to, Charlie Shrem ( a early celebrity bitcoin guy ) and the ex Prime Minister to Estonia……Such is the oddness of this trip.

My prediction is that something huge is happening in this space that is going to have huge impact but I have no idea what the world will look like at the end….