Day 19 – Planes, Trains and Automobiles And a Boat


Off we goto Honk Kong…….from the boat we get a taxi to Singapore to have lunch, then to the airport via taxi, flight to Hong Kong…then the train to Hong Kong Island. We arrived about 10pm, so was a long day and I have say I was pleased to get off the boat, and also feeling knackered. Doug being tired means Doug is grumpy, same as when I am hungry….Doing keto diet for me is actually quite good, my body seems to not crave food and has less ups and downs of energy when not having as many carbs ( or sugar )…worth a try.

We went into town, duped bags and sat in coffee shops just chilling for a few hours.

I also changed my Fantasy Football team a little, it will be seen tomorrow if it works. Plus read laods about the take over of NUFC….hopefully

Linkedin – whilst traveling I managed to clear out all the invites I have, about 1000…..I get about 10 requests per day to connect, which is simply stupid. A special reachout to James Sore at SyndicateRoom who told me it has taken me over 2 years to connect on Linkedin…. sorry James. I tried to find some images of anyone else called James Sore who would be funny, but alas I could find none, so for confusion this is a picture of James:)

Syndicate Room

So we arrive in HK Island at 10pm and I have booked us into a small boutique hotel. One of the things I have become is my own travel agent… I book hotels for me, for my family, for staff……. Something I have always enjoyed, plus I love finding interesting places and like finding bargains…something about when I was a kid this one probably. People now just dump the problem with me:)

So the hotel has 3 rooms per floor, I am on 36 and Andy is on 32….. We are very high and it feels like we are on the top of a needle and could sway in the wind. My tiredness makes me go ugh when I look out the window. Got to sleep.

Off to see Tak and Sherman tomorrow at Cyberport…… the “work” continues.

So it seems to have worked:) Aakash:)

Who is who? John Candy or Steve Martin?