Day 27 – more running


Up early again and did my longest run yet….45 minutes of plodding. Really getting into it…still no pain in joints of note. Downloaded lots of Ted talks on NPR radio makes it a fun learning trip too.

The rest of the day was a nothing dramatic day…..took daughter to kid’s party….but whilst it was going on I did manage to get 2 hours of reading ….I started a few and quickly binned them.  I have a sort of guide about books, if I cant get into the book in the first chapter then I bin it. I know I miss out on loads of good books, but there are lots of books that I will still read all of and they will be fun and easy for me to read…. It works for me. Of 3 books I start 1 I will continue with and occasionally I will try to battle through the one’s that don’t resonate with me.

So I settled on this:


Reads easy so far:)

Avoided gluten and diary all day, which is hard, but gut does feel better.

Love Taleb:) Feel like he gets it:

Try this too