Day 29 – Odd days


A realisation happens – I need to find something to do:)

Managed 3 mile run at 7am…great way to start the day I am starting to appreciate.

But after that what do I do for the rest of the day? I seem to have delegated things in the companies so well that I now get almost no emails, I have almost stopped hitting the refresh button as I know there wont be anything interesting. I feel like I am just made to do stuff…..trying hard to remind myself that I am taking time out to explore.



The day was spent reading and reading and reading, I have always read loads, now it is getting silly….every blog post on anything I find interesting. This crypto/decentralised stuff is like a rabbit hole, the more I understand the less I understand…… I am now believe 100% that this stuff is going to world changing.

Off to Newcastle at the weekend to do some family stuff, seeing some mates, talking about tech and other things that are happening in the city……anyone around I will be in Campus North a bit.