Day 30 – almost the end

nearly there

One more day of you suffering my rambles.

Went to bed late and woke up at 8am…it was freezing so decide not good for the running lark…not the cold but the iced ground. I have enjoyed going out early when no one is around ( and will continue ), it feels like the world is mine to play in before others come along. Interesting as that made me a think that is is some sort of metaphor to how I like my life to be. Most people get in the way of me playing.. is not meant horribly as lots of people are nice, but I don’t want them to prevent me from playing and being free. Sure there is something deep in this and some reasons in my past that this is important for me.


I feel this image is wrong… Everyone has muddled heads and going to see someone does not make what is inside your head right or wrong….Plus the guy in the white coat probably has a messed up head too:)

I need to find something to do:) I spent the day in the office and on the phone chatting to people about social implications of blockchain/crypto…. I am more confused than when the day started. Rabbit hole…..

At home my darling daughter messed up her slinky:(


I don’t know if you have ever played with these but a slight slip up and the things gets messed up so it can never be good again, like this:



Well my darling messed up her slinky……. Call me sad but I decided I was going to fix it…..Over and hour of looking at it, twisting it, spinning round, but hey presto I got it back perfect:)

Fantasy Football night and Liverpool did me proud and got me lots of points….. Ross you reading I am coming for you…