Day 6 – Day Off Sort of:)


As a person who has never really had a proper job, days at work and days off are very similar….except for the kids doing stuff.

Morning was checking on my crypto models before kids up…( either sleep in till 9am or get up at 6am, all depends how active my mind is – today crypto learning is going mad). Models seem to be working well and getting 10% plus return per day on alt coins.

Spent probably another hour or so reading up on more about how financial trading models work. I am astonished that the amount of clever people I know own crypto coins but do not operate simple models that are used in the financial markets to protect themselves ( tip of the day put stop losses in place if you don’t already ).

Rest of the day was helping be taxi for our daughter and her activities – as a kid I had a football and no taxi service from mum and dad…… when I was a kid there was no…..

This evening dinner out with family to our local Thai…… then teaching my step son about crypto’s….sad eh…but he was all over it and will be up all night learning what he can.

No run today as though best to rest the body….rest the body from doing nothing compared to what I used to do:):(

Of course read everything I could find on the new book about Trump…. I find it fascinating …like watching a real soap opera. Also read everything I found interesting that has been in The Times or New York Times for the past 7 days…… very liberal reading nowadays……..what happened to The Sun days????

Been investigating my allergy to some types of Gluten, cows milk is obvious what it is…… and pears….I never eat them. Tried gluten free bread….ummm……. vegan cheese, basic but nothing like really yummy cheese that I love…the blue stinky stuff.

Oh and I have really bad wind…..:):)

The odd thing is the amount of people who have mentioned they have been reading my posts…..that is mad….get something else to do with your life. Thanks