Is it real Potential is raising a real VC fund???

They now own:

No site live yet????

Gossip is some people are in talks about making this happen and investing proper money. Wow that would be funny:):)

Obviously Doug ( ie me ) can’t be properly involved as he will hate all the shitty paper work etc and having to deal with LP’s who no idea what is good in tech etc. But sure there are people in this world who would like to run a fun VC, maybe they will appear and request to do it:)

Obviously all staff would have to wear a pink bandana’s:)

This is also a spoof to amuse myself so please do not take it too seriously:)



In the real world we have create numerous companies that turnover 7 figures plus pa…we never took any funding. We have also already invested in many many lunatics that are doing unbelievable things. Check them out on my angellist Syndicate below:
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Ps. Some of the above maybe untrue:):) Arrrrh