Brits ranking in Angellist after 3 months:)

Brits ranking in Angellist after 3 months:)

I am not going to go into detail but it is possible:)

Angellist started several years ago and it has only really had Americans running syndicates, but 3 months ago they opened up the platform to Brits, so for some fun I created a syndicate and started doing what I do and looking for ways to rank on their platform:):) Seemed like a funny project and I am sure you have seen me mention it on these emails:):)

We have closed a deal and have quite a few more deals going live on the platform soon, but what is really


I now rank in the top 20 largest syndicates ( by backer numbers ) in the world…I actually rank 18 with 124 backers. So can we have some fun and see if we can get in to the top 10 and show the Americans that us Brits actually exist in tech:))

So if you even vaguely want to see what angellist is all about please back my syndicate. You never have to actually back any deal or commit any money…you just have to sign up and say you back me:


Maybe you may see a nice deal one day:)

Gil Dibner also started 3 months ago and also has one of the top 30 syndicates on angellist:


How come the 2 of us are cracking it and are both UK based???

I am sure that Steve O’Hear at Techcrunch or Robin Wauters at will both help to promote this too:):) There must be an interesting article in this:)




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