Ivan Mazour – the Russian:) – Angel Investor

Ya ne govoryu po-russki- just for you Ivan:) I know you like to tweet:)

I was going to post some Russian jokes but they did not seem funny….boom boom

Random post:)



Building a cult – you have been warned here first – Ivan’s Manifesto

Raised $2 million in seed funding and would not let me invest – honestly he would not:(:( I do laugh about it.

Dead Smart – Cambridge and Maths

He describes problems many  blokes have – even pictures

Used to angel invest to meet smart people – met me:) Even invested with me in Whisk – hi Nick:):) and Driftrock – hi Matt.

Part of  Angellab who are quite smart – tough luck matey law of averages you met me. Thanks Maria for organising it – if you ever want a joke Maria is your girl, she knows them all:)


Wrote a book – Russian Convoys – Memories of the Heart. I love the cowboys

Wants to goto Mars – you coming back?

Mum was Phd in Space stuff – definitely trying to impress mummy:)

Bid mad:) Eccentric let us say

Really nice guy

Capable of doing great things

Needs to chill more


On his blog he should post more Russian jokes



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