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Alex Dunsdon – ha ha…..

My first post about people and as I know Alex quite well I thought he could be the first:) Especially as he is on holiday at present….Yes startup people VC’s simply vanish on holidays with no warning – get used to it:) Ps I am in Spain as I write this.

alexAlex Dunsdon

Alex Dunsdon

He is the founder of the The Bakery ( gossip says in a past life he was a baker – but I doubt it judging by the small hands and feet:) You know what they say about small feet…small shoes:)

The Bakery is not a bakery but a tech hub in London. See how smart I am.

Anyway onto Alex Dunsdon:

1st class Honours from University of Sheffield ( wow I am surprised Alex you are smarter than you look). Mind you it was in History…so doesn’t really count. He was a posh boy from down South who went up North to see how the other half lives.

Looks like his business life has been at M& C Saatchi or some derivative of it and doing branding shit. Now they have given some of their cash to spend and he is an Investment Gambler ( sorry Director  ) at SAATCHINVEST. Looks like he has made some interesting bets:

Citymapper – some map thingy that lots of people seem to like and is growing very fast. That American bloke invested in them too – Bill Earner

Comparabien – wow that is creative an exact copy of MoneySupermarket but in South America – creative thinking that one. Hi Leo and Aldfredo:)

Ometria – that is that Ivan Mazour bloke again – super smart boy that one. I tried to invest but was not smart enough to be allowed in. Hi Ivan love you:) Obviously you needed a first to be allowed to invest.

For fun here is Alex dancing – Click here – seriously a VC dancing

Now let us see how this plays out


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