Linkybrains – Process For Growth – Day 18

Linkybrains – Process For Growth – Day 18

What I have learnt.

The idea is to simply sift through social networks to find people who are like you and not upset anyone.


One such idea is this:

Use the Linkedin search facility to find people in your city on your 2nd level. I have found searching for graduates in large corporates in your city is most efficient. Linkybrains are everywhere but efficiency in searching is key at present and then spread out from the hubs. These people also will resonate with you for other things in your life.

I then just send a polite email asking to connect and including links to some of the following –  events, medium, articles like this, how it started. If people connect I then just ask them to goto a coffee event in their area and signup to the newsletter. I do not engage in any arguments or debates other than general good humour chat.

Sure this can done much more efficiently with tools in the chrome store etc, sure it can be done on twitter and facebook etc

At the event can people agree:

  • to organise atleast 2 or more events and list it here immediately:)
  • to decide to try to help each other do something good to help others, no matter how trivial.

After an event can people please:

  • share the photos on their social networks, tagging a few people who did not come, who maybe should.
  • write a article

Hope that helps.


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