Linkybrains – Sorting Normality – Day 17

Linkybrains – Sorting Normality – Day 17


Sat in dressing gown all day doing all the normal stuff…paying gas bills etc.

My bots now doing all the heavy lifting, life got lot easier. Analysing all the data now, very apparent the early adopters and people who grasp this are young and educated. We also have a definite hub within London. There are more locations appearing every where round the world, but they are all early. For the next few days my bots and I would suggest other people’s bots focus down on London and young educated. We can expand out from them. Everyone has an odd, smart friend who our bots would never find but they know from school, pub etc:) We need people to call them or email them etc. Everyone in London has some friends else where in the UK and the world. Other countries will fall due the international mix of London.

Obviously if you live in a different location do it for your location. I simply say:

Hi my system said you look interesting do you wish to come for a coffee with a few of us. Here is a link to a few articles. If you want to know more signup for the newsletter. If they connect and many do I say hi and send them to more articles.

I don’t engage in arguments it is too hard. 


France has already been announce – give them any help asap as site not live yet.

Brasil, South Africa and China coming soon

Germany already holding events

Events here

Mike is running to keep everything running….sorry matey :)

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Stats on what are happening are very hard to pull together at the minute….remember this was not planned and everyone helping is doing if for free using free tools etc. Please help

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Do not think it is all easy, everyone involved has never worked together before so we are having to learn how to communicate with each other. The learning curve on how to related with various people is huge and some times not easy, but the honesty is making it work.

As I keep saying please offer to help we can use anyone to do anything.

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Site Traffic UK – 68%, US  – 9% ( but scattered ), Germany – 3%, France – 3% ( but stats in Linkedin, FB are too time consuming to find and pull together ). Obviously our networks are strongest in the UK.

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 19.15.14

UK map

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 19.19.41

All Cities by order

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 19.41.32