Linkybrains – Everyone is their own jailor – Day 26

Linkybrains – Everyone is their own jailor ( or maybe janitor ) – Day 26

So we have 100’s of people signed up on email, changed job titles on Linkedin, joined FB group, written blog posts.

eyes wide shut

The Cambridge event today shows how much society has control over everyone.

  • 11 people signed up to an event, for some reason it had to be organised ( why? – all you have to announce is you will be in a coffee shop at a certain time )
  • 1 person deciding they were not coming and hence it was cancelled
  • 9 of the 10 people did not turn up
  • 1 person turned up as he did not see the note and then complained that he had not been told

This linkybrains thing is intentionally decentralised with no one driving. Imagine if this is how you are living your life….yes sir no sir 3 bags full sir… as you are told.

Eyes Wide Shut people…at what point in your life do you take control….your call with that one.


The more I learn about this thing Linkybrains, the more I learn about me and society.

Today’s vision is that we seem to have 3 sets of people:

1 . the ones who know there is a society game going on and have created their lives to be able to play the game that suits them.

2 the ones who do not seem to fit and think there is a game going on, but cannot work out how to play the game and constantly feel frustrated.

3. the people who are on the rabbit wheel to death.


Linkybrains has resonated with the first 2 groups, these people then fall into 2 camps.

Subsets of group 1:

1a. wow what can we do with this group ( welcome to the shed )

1b. interesting but thanks I already have my games and they work very well ( magic other people building other sheds )

Subsets of group 2:

2a. wow I can see more how can I help – oh shit this is scary ( grip tight Dorothy as you will soon realise Kansas never existed )

2b. I better run away from that thing as I am not ready to face myself and who I am ( don’t stress life is about a patient path in all things )

Group 3

Eyes Wide Shut – not judging it is what it is, baby steps.


Ideas of 1000’s of Coffee Events with a simple GOAL
Fixing local easy issues
Keeping people connected and involved
100’s of Virtual Coffee Groups
No matter who you are, most of the smartest people who can fix the problem you see are some where else in the world and you are not connected
People who understand each other and relate
Fixing global problems with simple solutions
People come together when there skills are needed and leave when there skills are no longer required.
The idea is greater than the individuals.
Providing Funding for Virtual Teams Doing Wow Projects to Help Humanity
Creating funding ideas by:
TED like events
TED like licensing deals
Angelist like jobs board
ICO – no idea how this fits, but exploring
Utilisng revenue from content – medium like
Crowdfunding platform and crowd fund for Linkybrains to run and crowdfunding to invest in humanity projects ( with maybe no return )
Raising from philanthropists


The reason I ask people to write and article about themselves is because you have to think about who you are and what is important. No reason to publish it other than it may help others.


Last day on the bike 31km, 800 metres climbing. Felt a breeze compared to the other days.


Oh shit I left the cooker on….incase you missed it